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About Us

Soundpost Acoustics, LLC provides acoustics consulting services for a wide variety of projects, including both existing facilities and new construction. We offer services to architects involved in projects such as schools, churches, auditoriums, recording studios, music rehearsal spaces, commercial office buildings, and retail establishments, and we also work directly with end-user clients such as educational institutions, recording studios, performance venues, churches, commercial businesses, and non-profit organizations who may require a facility evaluation, acoustical troubleshooting, or just an hour or two of advice. Our services are provided during all phases of a project, ranging from feasibility studies and concept design through construction, commissioning, and tuning.

We take collaboration seriously, working with other design professionals, contractors, equipment manufacturers, product representatives, and academic colleagues to stay abreast of industry developments and to seek the best acoustical solutions for our clients. We also form partnerships and collaborate with other acoustics consulting and audio-video (AV) systems design firms for large projects that require comprehensive acoustical and AV systems design services, and provide specialized measurement, computer modeling, and other technical services to other acoustics consulting firms around the country.
Consulting services are offered on either an hourly or fixed fee basis, and we strive to make our services affordable for all of our clients by keeping overhead expenses low and leveraging our experience.