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Rising Tiger is available for all events, from your business brunch, small office lunches, family gatherings to your future wedding! Each event is curated specifically to you, giving you an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience. For more detailed information, from allergen concerns to dietary restrictions, please email risingtigerco@gmail.com!

My culinary journey began at an early age, washing woks in my father's restaurant in DC. This experience ignited my passion for cooking, leading me to pursue formal culinary education at The Art Institute of Washington. However, I soon realized that the demanding nature of top restaurants required intense dedication, prompting me to explore other avenues.

Starting afresh, I embarked on my sushi adventure at the renowned Morimoto in Philadelphia. This led me to further enrich my skills by working and training at Vetri, Graffiato, Kumamoto & Uchiko, which greatly influenced my current cooking style. Embracing a nomadic lifestyle, I traversed the east coast, engaging in various culinary roles such as waterman, fishmonger, whole animal butcher, and working at esteemed coastal restaurants.

Eventually, I took a new path by organizing pop-up sushi nights, conducting cooking classes, and responding to the challenges posed by the pandemic by running a food delivery service called Tiger & Wife. The Longmont community has warmly embraced this concept, and I am excited to establish a permanent location where I can contribute to diversity, culture, and become a cornerstone of the community.