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Heart’s Wisdom: Relationship Coaching.

All of life is an expanding series of opportunities to grow in love towards yourself and others. But love takes work. I’ll help you and your partner to find and transform the knots and patterns that keep you feeling stuck and from experiencing the harmony and love you both want.

As a relationship coach I work with both individuals and couples. I love helping people to discover the keys to resolving conflict, and finding joy and love again.

If you work with me we will explore how to:

* Upgrade your communication so that you get beyond the confusion and discover what it is like to really listen to another's heart and be really heard yourself.

* Resolve conflicts in such a way that you actually feel more connected to your partner, more in love, and more understood.

* Discover collaboration. Collaboration is the magical space where you both get your needs and wants met.

* Learn to be present with your emotions and those of your partner so that intimacy expands between the two of you.

* Discover the balance between time together and time spent apart so that your relationship grows strong and healthy.

Relationships are opportunities for growth. Life is always tapping us on the shoulder and asking us to be brave and expand our hearts. It is about love, always about love. Learn how to listen to the gentle whisper of opportunity to grow your heart. Life will feel more alive and more enjoyable when you do.

My invitation to you is to come and discover the new possibilities that await.

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