Growing Gardens of Boulder County

Growing Gardens of Boulder County



About Us

Growing Gardens enriches the lives of our community through sustainable urban agriculture. With farms in Boulder and Longmont, we donate over 20,000 pounds of produce yearly to low-income families.

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Growing Gardens Food Project Farm located at the Ed & Ruth Lehman YMCA (950 Lashley St.)
The produce grown on our 1 acre Longmont Farm is donated back to low-income families throughout Boulder County
We provide 22,000 plant starts and 3.000 seed packets each year at our Donation Days to support low-income gardeners to grow their own food
Our Cultiva Youth Program offers a summer job to teens 14-18 years offering leadership and skill development
In trade for volunteering 2 hours a week working in the fields, our work trade program send participants home with a fresh produce each week
Our Boulder Farm sits on 11-acres of Long’s Gardens Farm and is one of the last remaining pieces of agriculturally zoned land in the City of Boulder
Our Children's Peace Garden programs are designed to reconnect children ages 5-11 with the earth
Our goats rotationally graze our farmland and provide great snuggles and smiles
A snapshot of some of our Growing Gardens Staff