Training for Warriors Longmont

Training for Warriors Longmont



About Us

EVERYONE HAS A WARRIOR WITHIN. The TFW Longmont system is designed to bring out the Warrior so that you can face and overcome life’s challenges. We develop healthy bodies and minds, positioning you to achieve greatness

TFW Longmont is CLASS-BASED PERSONAL TRAINIG that actually gets results! Our promise to students is that they will ''Burn Fat, Build Muscle & Feel Good.'' We emphasize safety and teach technique.

CLASS FORMATS include 1) Heavy Resistance Training, 2) High Intensity Interval Training, and 3) Endurance Training.

HEART RATE MONITORING technology is utilized by Coaches to maximize the efficiency and safety of students as they perform exercises during class.

WORK-OUT TRACKING APP technology is provided to every student to track progress and measure results, increasing student motivation and accountability.

NUTRITION EDUCATION and accountability is a keystone of the TFW system. Students learn about nutrition and creating healthy lifestyles through daily discussion topics, online forums, and personal nutrition plans.



Coach Brian specializes in Strength Training & Olympic Lifting
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Congratulations to Anne for attending 400 classes!!
Our indoor/outdoor space is perfect for Colorado!
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Representin' at the Carbon Valley Half Marathon
Hey Ladies!!!
Our superstar coaching team!