The School of Statesmanship, Stewardship, and Service (SOSSAS)

About Us

The School of Statesmanship, Stewardship, and Service (SOSSAS) is a learning environment that fosters leadership development in people from all walks of life and spheres of influence to help create a future we all want to live into.

What if we had…
Statespeople who were adept at harmonizing contrasting perspectives.

Elected officials whose approach to communication appealed to different minds and personalities.

Community leaders who connect with others to transcend the rhetoric that keeps us stuck in conflict.

Community connectors who viewed the world, neighborhoods, and people through the lens of goodness.

Active, engaged citizens who believe life-giving ?ideals of community are spawned by love, service, and belonging.

People who want to create a future – one in which we ALL want to live.

In 2021, a group of active citizens in a Colorado mid-size city came together as a non-partisan, non-ideological groups. Different beliefs, values, races, genders, and political affiliations were set aside to discuss creating a school of statesmanship. Their combined experience as elected city and state officials, school superintendents, college and high school instructors, police chief, non-profit organization leaders, business leaders, accountants, and attorneys came together to create curriculum for this training, this School of Statesmanship, Stewardship, and Service…SOSSAS.