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About Us

Welcome to The Professional Maker LLC, your one-stop solution for rapid prototyping services. As a leading maker, understanding the importance of translating your innovative ideas into tangible prototypes, expect fast results. Offers a wide range of services, including electrical PCB designs, CAD modeling, and 3D printing, all ready to meet your requirements. The goal is to bring your product to life while ensuring it is ready for today's expansive market.

Tyler Mitchell Dow Babycos has always been passionate about making and learning. With over seven years of volunteering at a makerspace, Tyler honed his skills and eventually took on the role of rapid prototyping shop captain. Alongside this hands-on experience, Tyler pursued a degree in computer science, gaining a comprehensive understanding of technology. While in college, Tyler tutored students in computer science and was an active member of the engineering club, working on demo satellite projects.