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St. Vrain FC strives to be a community based club committed to the growth and development of the beautiful game through passion, dedication and diligence.

The game is meant for everybody, regardless of age, ability or background and we do our best to make sure that every player has a place to play at a level where they have the potential to understand the joy of soccer, develop life skills and experience success, which may be defined differently by each club member.

We believe that teaching positive behaviors and attitudes are more important than wins, but we still teach a competitive atmosphere to push each player to reach their own personal goals and to learn to love the struggle of our own process to reach our maximum potential, even if it means that there is a limit of that potential.

We try to educate our membership about the process of developing a soccer player as well as the values of patience, technical and professional development, diversity and attempt to tie multiple different cultures together through soccer. We not only value the membership, but recognize those who volunteer and are grateful to the people who donate their time and energy to making the club a successful experience for everybody. This includes our desire to develop players who, now graduated, desire to give back to the game and continue the cycle by being volunteers and coaches.

We also believe that money shouldn't be a hindrance to your potential to enjoy the game in a club setting, and an aggressive scholarship program has been put into place to try to eliminate that hurdle.



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