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Pearl Promise



About Us

We support single-parent families in building stronger, more stable futures through four key programs aimed at fostering self-sufficiency and independence. Our approach provides hope and essential skills for creating an economically and emotionally healthy home. Here's how we make a difference:

Transportation Assistance: Recognizing that mobility is crucial for independence, we host a monthly Car Care Clinic from September to June. These clinics offer free oil changes and safety inspections, empowering single parents to reliably commute to work or school.

Pearl Kids Program: Focused on the children of our program participants, Pearl Kids offers a range of support, including mentoring, tutoring, summer camp scholarships, college scholarships, and holiday gift assistance. We address the unique needs of each family, ensuring a comprehensive approach to family well-being.

General Emergency Monetary Support (G.E.M.S.): This program is a lifeline for single parents facing immediate financial challenges. G.E.M.S provides essential support for basic needs like rent, utilities, groceries, and fuel, either through direct funds or grocery store gift cards, offering a crucial safety net during tough times.

Focus Pearl Program: This year-long intensive initiative is the cornerstone of our efforts. It offers a structured model of mentorship, accountability, and sustainability, specifically designed for single-parent families. The goal is to transition families away from government and community assistance towards complete self-reliance.