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It takes strength, courage, and resilience to become an Elder. Day by day, handshake by handshake, and embrace by embrace, an Elder builds a life and establishes a legacy. Everyone deserves to have their assets and quality of life protected and sustained to the greatest extent possible according to their wishes and values. These goals are at the heart of elder law.

An Elder law attorney can help with a variety of complex legal issues that arise for many families that relate to probate and estate planning, adult guardianships and conservatorships, elder financial abuse, and Medicaid planning and eligibility for long-term care.

The Law Office of David Ahrens, LLC provides experienced and compassionate legal representation with a client-centered and results-driven approach. Regardless of your elder law, estate planning or probate matter, you will find a skilled, tenacious and unwavering legal advocate at the Law Office of David Ahrens, LLC.