Landline Doughnuts & Coffee


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About Us

Landline Doughnuts & Coffee has introduced Longmont to POTATO DOUGHNUTS. We replace 1/3 of the flour with mashed potatoes (not potato flour). It gives our doughnuts a great texture - in between a cake and a raised doughnut. Brown Butter is our signature glaze - that is unlike any doughnut you've ever had. We also change doughnuts monthly to include in season fruit and flavors. We do not use artificial flavors and try to use natural colorings. John and Jodi Mowery are the owners and started their doughnut journey in 2019 at Farmer's Markets

You'll also find a full espresso menu of hot and iced drinks - along with non-coffee drinks - iced and hot teas, lemonade and berry patch from Tractor Beverages.

Soft serve ice cream is on rotation - including vanilla and Dole Whip in Pineapple and other fruit flavors.