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About Us

Craft Financial was formed in 2023 as a spin-off and affiliate of High Plains Bank. Chris McVay, CEO of Craft Financial relocated to Florida in June 2023 and sought to expand certain business lines offered by the Bank. Bank?s Senior Management and Ownership came together and decided to spin off the Bank?s merchant processing division to Craft Financial with Chris leading the new company.  

The word ?Craft? was chosen when creating the company as it speaks to the Company?s drive and desire to find creative ?crafted? solutions to many problems facing small businesses.

High Plains Bank, founded in 1908, is a different kind of bank. Family-run, employee owned, and community driven, they empower customers, value small business owners, and prioritize personal relationships. At High Plains Bank, helping people and their communities thrive comes before banking.

They call it being compassionate problem solving ? always there to listen and help their customers with sound financial strategies and banking solutions.