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About Us

Specializing in quality basement finishing in northern Colorado. Basements are a great way to add good livable space to your home. Basements can be a great place for entertaining guests or having parties to watch the big game. The cost per square foot compared to the rest of the home can be very reasonable because the structure is already there.

If you have kids then you know they grow up fast. As they grow they seem to spread out all over the place. The basement can be a perfect place for them to do that without taking over the whole house.

A good basement design is important when making the space an extension of your home. The basement shouldn’t feel any different than the rest of your home. By utilizing good design we are able to minimize air vent soffits and make structural columns disappear by having them blend in to other features. Achieving a feel in the basement as if it was any other room in the house is one of the things we like to focus on. Call us for a free estimate.